Rope Access Services

Our   range   of  Industrial  rope  access  services  are  a  safe  and efficient method of working at height where ropes and associated equipment  are  used  to  gain  access  to and from the work place, where  various  services  such  as  Inspection, Industrial Cleaning, Welding, Painting and Electrical work scopes can be carried out.  

The  advantage  of  using  rope  access methods mainly lies in the safety  and  speed  with which workers can get to or from difficult locations   and   then   carry  out  their  work,  often  with  minimal impact  on  other  operations  and the nearby area. Another major benefit  is  that  the  combination  of  the  total  man-hours and the level  of  risk  for  a  particular  task  (man – at-risk hours)  is often reduced  when  compared  with  other  means of access and  their associated risks and costs.